Entry Three- Three in Transit July 30th- August 3rd

Mark and I spent a few wonderful days in the Florida Keys, catching up with our friends, drinking and eating too much, and getting seasick. It was amazing to be able to spend some quality time with the important people in our lives. On the way back up to central Florida we stopped to see friends for amazing tacos in Jupiter.

Official Van Life

Road Dog Vans Ford Transit, Jacksonville FLOn the Saturday after Mini Season it was finally the day to pick up our van! Steve and Tyler ( of Road Dog Vans) went over the electrical systems and use of the van and then we took some photos and drove straight to the closest ikea! As all millennials buy home furnishings at the same Swedish store. The Jacksonville Ikea is actually quite underwhelming with only one floor of showrooms, but we enjoyed a quick lunch and grabbed the few items we needed before heading back to Central FL. 

We spent our first night parked in my parents driveway. We almost died from the humidity, living in Arizona really deconditioned us (also I must have about one hundred bug bites).

Dog in Forest, North FloridaIn the morning we woke up and drove back to Jupiter because Mark had left his debit card behind. We spent the evening plugged in at a state park campground with the AC running.

Turning right around and heading back to Central Florida to see friends and prepare for the next leg of the jam packed remainder of 2022. 

Now that we are in our home, we are so excited to get started on our first trip- up to the Eastern Most State- MAINE.