About Us

Kallie would say that she just wants to make the world a better place, one of the most important things she learned in her time as a Girl Scout.

Mark and Kallie see the world as a home they need to fight to improve through social initiatives, environmentally friendly lifestyles and policy changes, and becoming better people each day.

We want clean seas, clean air, lower levels of light pollution, human rights, equality and to be the best dog parents we can be.  We are using our time on this planet to attempt to better it, while enjoying the great sights it has to see. You can follow that right here on this blog or by following us on Instagram.

Sunflower Maze, Tampa FLAbout Kallie

Kallie (she/her) is a 25 year old from small town Florida. She found a love for the outdoors early through being involved with Girl Scouts and Summer Camp.

In 2017, she graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Psychology from Florida Southern College. Then spent five years employed in the  Hospitality world of central Florida, and yes most of that was spent working for a Mouse. 

To kick off 2019 Mark and Kallie took a month long cross country road trip camping from Florida to California and back. The trip gave Kallie some much needed reflection time. She put in motion some major changes in her life direction.

Kallie became and EMT, moved from FL to Arizona with Mark, and educated herself on social and environmental policy and politics.

About Mark
Mark at the grand canyon

Mark (he/him) is an Orlando, FL Native, growing up riding bikes, swimming in pools, and playing Xbox with friends.

Mark started to become involved in social and economic policy during the 2008 recession when his family fell on hard times. That has shaped his outlook on the world and motivation to make it a better place.

After graduating high school he went into the hospitality industry, working for both major theme parks in Central FL. His outdoor experience started on the cross country camping trip in 2019, learning how to set up a tent, build a fire, and enjoy the national parks. Mark came back from the experience ready for more adventure.

He enrolled in ASU to earn his bachelors degree in Information Technology. He has had many opportunities at ASU to learn and grow, including becoming and intern for AllState and a student worker on campus.

What Now?

Mark and Kallie are now embracing a new journey as nomads, living with our dog, Ares, in our professionally converted Ford Transit as we travel across the US enjoying time with friends, family, and in the outdoors. They have both converted to working remote positions and Kallie will be keeping this blog as a way to keep loved ones up to date on the great adventures.