Entry Fourteen- Summer in the South East May 27th- August 17th

Our Summer started with me waving goodbye to Mark as he entered the Bismark, ND airport at 5am on May 19th- A week before my last day working for the Forest Service. My last week was spent packing up our trailer, boy... Read more

Entry Thirteen- North Dakota Winter December 17th- May 26th

Mark, our dog Ares, and I bid farewell to Oregon, cherishing the memories our final day spent exploring the fish hatchery and the captivating Multnomah Falls. These experiences marked the perfect conclusion to our delightful journey, enriched by reuniting with friends and... Read more

Entry Twelve- Six Weeks in Oregon October 30th- December 12th

We arrived in the small town outside of Portland where Anders’ and his family live in the early afternoon on a Sunday. We had a lonely and restful evening being able to enjoy time with Anders and his relatives. The following day... Read more

Entry Eleven- Final Stretch of the Drive October 29th-30th

After leaving Moab we didn’t spend much time having fun… We spent many hours working and driving in order to make it to Oregon before my seasonal employment with Amazon Camperforce gets going!  We moved from Springville and tried to see the... Read more

Entry Ten- Utah Home of Mormons & National Parks October 22nd-28th

You could taste the excitement in the air as Mark and I left the Navajo Rest Stop. None of the three of us had ever been to Utah, and Ares is a very well traveled dog! We started toward Monument Valley. It... Read more

Entry Nine- Home Sweet Saguaro October 15th-21st

Mark and I woke up to the amazing Southern Arizona landscapes. Our rest area bordered one of the nearby national forests with rock formations that made me finally feel like I was at home. We filled our waters and made coffee before... Read more